CurseForge Modpack Downloader Tutorial

On May 16, 2022, CurseForge released the official API. This result in third-party launchers no longer to download modpacks, like MultiMC and PCL2. More info can be found in “The CurseForge Official API is Now Live”[1].

Therefore, I made a software CurseForge Modpack Downloader (CMPDL). It could download mods for modpack downloaded from CurseForge, an pack to the format that is supported by launchers like MultiMC, HMCL, and PCL2.

At this moment, they say HMCL and PCL2 can download again, but obviously, it is not in the official method. MMC’s author said he has may support the API Key of CurseForge to downlaod[2].

Download Program

Open the repository, and download the newest version on the right side. You also could click here to go to the newest release.

Find Releases

Download the first one in Assets

Download Modpack

There are two ways to download modpacks: direct download in program or import.

Direct Download in CMPDL

You could find modpacks in the list.

Select a modpack

Entry keywords at the top to search

Change sort

Filter game version

After selecting a modpack, you could choose the modpack version at the bottom right.

Choose modpack version

Click download and wait for the downloading

Use CurseForge Download and Import

Find moodpack your like on CourseForge and download modpack file, I will use Restrict Skyblock for example.

Go to Files

Choose modpack version

Click Download

Click Import

Select the file downloaded from CurseForge

Wait for the downloading

Import to Launcher

Wait for the downloading to finish and pop this prompt. Import the zip file (located at the program path, if imported from a specific file, it is the original path) into your launcher.

Prompt of finished

Import to MultiMC

Get CurseForge API Key

Go to and sign up with Google.

Only allowed Google

Copy in API Keys


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  2. phit. "Looks like CurseForge API in MultiMC is deprecated and unusable". GitHub. 24 May 2022. Archived from the original on 8 June 2022. Retrieved 26 May 2022.

CurseForge Modpack Downloader Tutorial
Andy Zhang
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June 9, 2022
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